Party Arty 1

Party Arty 1, founded by Becky, is run by a warm-hearted individual with a strong background in early childhood education and a deep passion for art. As a mother of three girls, she has gained extensive experience in hosting vibrant, creative, and joyful parties and workshops for children. Her goal is to offer something distinctive for kids’ celebrations, with a focus on inclusivity and creativity. Becky’s parties currently include activities such as jewellery making, slime and sensory play, and abstract art on canvas.

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Founder of Party Arty 1

Party Arty 1: Unveiling a Vibrant World of Kids' Celebrations and Creativity

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I set up this Art & creative party business in 2024. Combining over 20 years of Teaching in early years with my passion of art! As a mummy to 3 girls, I’ve seen my fair share of colour, glitter and party fun! And I really felt I could add something ‘different’ to children’s celebrations and experiences. 

Currently, my Parties include jewellery making, slime and sensory creations and abstract art on canvas. But I’m always up for new ideas and suggestions and will do my best to accommodate your own creative ideas.