Made by Mammas

Made by Mammas is an award-winning podcast founded by TV and radio broadcaster Zoe Hardman and marketing guru Georgia Dayton. The podcast offers non-judgmental parenting advice, featuring interviews with parenting experts and celebrities. As a result, it has gained a devoted following and become a leading authority in supportive parenting.

"Wow it's soooo beautiful and speaking from my side, it's everything I wanted from the start, thrilled!"

Zoe Hardman & Georgia Dayton

Founders of Made by Mammas

The Collaborative Revamp of Made by Mammas

Launch Labs collaborated with Made by Mammas to revamp their website, restructure their content, enhance their brand, and refine their messaging strategy. The goal of this collaboration was to improve the brand’s online presence, drive business, engage the audience, and provide a better user experience. Additionally, Launch Labs developed their corporate sub-brand MBM Careers, which connects companies with individuals in their community seeking career opportunities while promoting work-life balance.

Zoe Hardman:

Versatile BBC Presenter and Heart London Radio Broadcaster

Georgia Dayton:

Marketing Guru, Freelance PR Consultant, Marketing Communications, Events, Influencer Campaigns